Streaming audio from TV to 2 play:3 and a SUB

  • 1 February 2017
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will the CONNECT do the job ?

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I could see you or someone else getting this to work in a limited way, but I'd imagine it's always going to be very far from perfect. Here are actual and potential issues as I see them:

1. The only Sonos speaker that is intended to have a "live" (accompanying a picture) audio source connected is the Playbar. Yes, each of the other units that you mentioned is capable of being grouped with a Playbar to play that source (and therefore maybe has the right technology built in to do it on its own), but as it stands now, the system is designed for the Playbar, and only the Playbar, to be the central unit that lets the whole thing work. This could (I don't know as I haven't tried it) mean that if you get everything "working", you'll encounter sound/picture sync issues.

2. The Connect accepts only a stereo RCA input. Many (most?) modern TVs have only an optical audio output, which can't be converted to stereo RCA with any simple connector/adapter. If your TV happens to have stereo RCA output or 3.5mm stereo output ("headphone" jack), you'll be able to connect to the Connect.

3. Assuming you get past #2 by having the right output, you'll be outputting "dumbed down" analog stereo quality audio. That's not the end of the world, but a real shame when you're pumping it through $1,650 worth of speakers.

4. None of these units have an IR receiver, so you'll need to control volume through the Sonos app, which I imagine being very annoying if all you want to do is mute quickly or something like that. Perhaps you could figure out how to rig it up through a Harmony remote or something like that, but I'm not sure that'd work.

So, as I said, some real issues and some that may or may not be issues, but you won't know until you try or find out from someone who's tried. If you haven't already purchased the gear, I'd try a different approach.