Stereo HDMI Port #1 on Playbar Great, No sound on HDMI #2

  • 20 January 2020
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I recently setup my 5.1 Sonos audio system in my living room. I was using a Yamaha TSR-5810 stereo receiver, and Bose 5.1 audio before. Per Sonos instructions at setup, I disabled the audio speakers output on the receiver. Watching cable TV, and Apple TV thru my HDMI port #1 sound great, with the stereo off and enabling HDMi pass thru. The problem is, when I turn on the stereo to select HDMI port #2, to watch my Amazon Fire TV, then shut off the stereo, I get a picture, but no sound on the Playbar. Do I need to connect the Amazon Fire TV directly to the TV in order to get sound on the Playbar? Is there something else I need to  disable/enable on my stereo to switch HDMI stereo inputs for other devices such as a Blu-ray player, or Fire TV, to other than HDMI #1 and still get audio on my Playbar? Thanks for any help. I’ll try the tech support office next.

6 replies

Not sure I understand.  Are you still using your Yamaha receiver?  The Playbar replaces the receiver; it doesn’t work alongside it.


No, I am no longer using the receiver for audio. The only time I turn it on is to switch the input from HDMI #1, to HDMI # 2 and so on. I then shut off the stereo receiver because like you said, it’s not needed. I tried not using the receiver at all, not ever turning it on, leaving the input set to HDMI #1, which is what my Apple TV is plugged into, then turning on my Fire TV, which is plugged into HDMI #2 on my receiver, and I won’t get video or audio. Switching the inputs from HDMI #1, to HDMI #2 on the receiver will get me video from my Fire TV, but no audio from my television set on the Playbar. Thank You in advance, have a great week.

You need to connect all the HDMI sources (Apple TV, Fire TV, cable box etc) to the TV, then use optical out from the TV to the Playbar.  You then select the appropriate HDMI input on the TV, using your TV remote.  If you don’t have enough HDMI inputs on the TV you need a switch, but hopefully there are enough.


That makes sense! Thank you for the help John, I’ll go  make the change now. Again, thanks and have a great week!! 👍🏼

You too. Let us know if you get things working.


Finally ordered extra HDMI cables for my Blu Ray player, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and connected them all directly to my TV. Just as you suspected, that took care of the problem. I can now bypass my stereo for all my devices. I now only have to change inputs on my TV, as you would for anytime you switch source input. The sounds from my SONOS 5.1 system is great. Thanks for the help in resolving my problem, take care, Leonard