Hearing static from my rear surround speakers. Overall surround experience from my
Home theatre has been sub par.

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Do you have a question?

Would you like help in troubleshooting your concerns?

Are you just posting to vent steam?

If the answer to either of the top 2 is yes then please post a bit more information about what your set up is, how you're feeding your Playbar, when you "static" and what you mean by "sub par".
I have two rear play 1's, playbar and sub. When the surround feature kicks in, aka scenes from a movie with high surround scenes, static also follows. Connections are all secured and nothing has changed as far as Internet or location. When shows or movies that don't display full surround, it's fine.

My venting was due to not being satisfied with the home theatre experience especially with the end cost of it all.
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Next time you experience Static then Submit a diagnostic and post the number here. You could also call Sonos direct with the diagnostic number.

You shouldn't get this when you feed the Playbar with a 5.1 soundtrack - I have the same set-up as you and I'm very satisfied with it.

Sonos should be able to narrow down any issues you may have.
I wasn't aware I had to post the diagnostic number here, thanks. How large is the room where your home theatre is stationed? And how far away are you from the rear speakers, thanks.


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