Speaker Pairing

  • 20 October 2019
  • 3 replies

I currently use a playbar as my primary sound for my living room tv.  I was wondering which speakers would pair with it for use temporarily when using a tv on my back porch occasionally.  I was thinking I could turn my living room tv on, and listen to the other speaker on my back porch through pairing. 

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3 replies

In the Sonos world, there are specific meaning for words like “pairing”, “grouping” and “bonding”, due to how each one affects the setup and use of the speaker. In your case, any Sonos speaker can be grouped with the PLAYBAR, with the caveat that there will be a slight delay of around 75ms between the two “rooms”. As long as they really can’t be heard at the same time, this isn’t an issue. I used to do this with speakers in my kitchen, grouped with my TV, foe when I needed to slip in during football games.

Thank you, I’m thinking about getting a speaker to use in my office during the day for a Bluetooth type speaker and occasionally use it for the back porch tv speaker as well.  Any recommendations on which one would work best for this?

There is only one Sonos speaker that has Bluetooth capability, the Move. When it is in Bluetooth mode, it can not be grouped with the PLAYBAR, but when it is in the normal Sonos mode, it can. If you’re dead set on using Bluetooth, in addition to occasionally grouping with the PLAYBAR, this would be your speaker for use both in your office and the back patio.