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  • 4 June 2017
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Hi Guys,

Recently purchased a playbar to be used alongside my two play 1's as a surround. I have the two play 1's set up behind either side of my sofa however when i sit on the sofa i weirdly hear the right one more than the left. I dont know if this is me going crazy or what, could someone help. Also my second question is for music streaming what are the best settings, to ensure amazing quality, the EQ and surround settings?


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7 replies

Whatever sounds best to you is where you should set the EQ, surround volume etc. No-one can predict how your room will sound or what your preferences are.

As for the difference in level between your two surround speakers, Trueplay tuning should configure the balance automatically. If you don't have access to an iDevice, and therefore can't use Trueplay, during the setup tell Sonos that the right speaker is at the smallest distance away, and the left one at the greatest distance.
is there a way of checking the balance?
The balance is right when it sounds... well... balanced. Clearly yours doesn't sound right at the moment, hence my suggestions.
If you are sitting at the centre of two speakers, the EQ balance slider in centre position should yield balanced sound unless a recording is skewed to one side.
It hasnt made a difference
Remove the surrounds from the PLAYBAR in room settings. Physically swap them over. Add them back again. Does the right one continue to sound too loud, or is the left one now the louder?
Might try doing a Trueplay session as well.