Sound keeps dropping out sporadically on my home theatre setup

  • 30 October 2016
  • 2 replies

I've have a soundbar and a pair of play1's setup as my home theatre, however recently I've noticed that the sound keeps dropping from the play1 speakers, which is rather irritating. I've looked at previous threads and know it's an issue that other people have experienced. Can some one point me to any support articles that may help.

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2 replies

Hello User402907. Dropped audio from your surrounds can have different causes. Is this happening while playing music or while watching TV? This link goes over some general troubleshooting steps if you're running into dropped audio from your surrounds.

I'd also like to see a diagnostic from your system, would you mind submitting a report, then posting the confirmation code here?
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Note: Manny's answer is correct in submit diagnostic to see what is up with your wifi network.

I will point out though that when someone has multiple Sonos speakers I really like getting music traffic off my home wifi and use Sonosnet. Sonosnet is so much more robust then a single wifi router in the home. To use Sonosnet you have to have one Sonos unit hooked to your router (and set the Sonosnet channel to a different channel far from your other home router channel).