Sound issue with Beam - Samsung TV

  • 27 October 2019
  • 1 reply


Going fishing i had this issue for a while now. Called Sonos Samsung cable provider but cannot pinpoint the issue.

First a bit of background. Bought Beam and TV last fall. Sonos is plugged to TV through HDMI ARC and TV to PVR from provider through HDMI. Now often i get choppiness in sound to a point i have to reboot everything. It comes back after a while. Change HDMI cable no effect. Beam is hard wired connected to network. So is my TV. Tv seams fine without BEAM device. I submitted several diagnostic nothing came out. Very disappointed by the product so far. If anyone has an idea about what to try next… totally welling. I have removed my BEAM for now.


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1 reply

You could perhaps try one of these…

When passing through audio, particularly DD5.1 audio, via some ports, the TV and processor can interfere/delay the audio signal.. it’s often helpful to switch off any sound enhancement features like surround sound, speech enhancement etc. on the TV, but if you still get no joy, then the device shown in the link above may resolve the matter by splitting the video and audio signals before they get to the TV and so the audio goes from the PVR direct to the Beam and the video goes to the TV.. because the TV no longer has to process and pass-through the audio, it should avoid the break-up/dropout problems with the sound.

So that’s perhaps something for you to consider.