Sound cuts out frequently during playback

  • 14 November 2013
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I have a Playbar and a subwoofer and the sound cuts out frequently when I am watching anything (PS4, Cable Box, Netflix integrated with Smart TV). When I watch it using the TV speakers it works fine. The Playbar is connected directly to the TV using the included digital optical audio cable. Please advise.

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4 replies


May I recommend that you follow the request from Pierre C two posts above yours? It might help Sonos figure out why you're having this issue.
The sound on my playbase keeps cutting out when I’m trying to watch pre-recorded shows (particularly if SD) on my set top box (BT TV). To get it working again I have to turn the TV and playbase off and on again. Is there a permanent solution to this?
I have the same problem. To resolve the problem I must switch from Dolby digital to PCM. Diagnostic number 3333034
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Hello Robert,

Do you also have this issue when the SUB is not associated to the System?
Could you please Submit a Diagnostic and send me back the number via this tread? I will have a look at it.