Sony TV > HDMI > Beam issue.

  • 17 April 2020
  • 2 replies

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Hi all. I have a Beam which works fine as a standalone music streamer. I want to connect it to a fairly old Sony TV. The Sony TV does not have HDMI ARC. It has HDMI and optical out connections. Using the optical connector and the Beam optical HDMI adapter, it works but the sound is distorted beyond listening. Terrible.

With no ARC HDMI available I have tried setting the Beam up with the regular HDMI connection. The TV automatically senses the HDMI connection to the Beam and auto-switches TV sound to AV HDMI output. But, the Beam does not recognise a normal HDMI audio in connection. It just stays silent. Can I input normal HDMI to the Beam? It seems not


2 replies

The Beam works over HDMI-ARC or optical only, not normal HDMI.


I would try and see if the issue is with your TV, the Beam, or the optical cable you’re using.  If you a cable box, streamer, Bluray player, or something of that nature with an optical output, try connecting that directly to the Beam and see if the audio is improved.  If it’s not try a different cable.  If it seems to be an issue with the cable you were using, then try the new cable with the TV.

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Thanks, you have confirmed what I suspected.