Sony TV (2007 vintage) does not recognize Sonos Beam as external Audio System

  • 28 August 2018
  • 5 replies

I have a Sony KDL-46W3000 (no HDMI ARC) and have connected the Beam using the digital optical out and digital adapter supplied by Sonos. The Beam is working and receives the audio signal from the TV, but when I seek to change the TV's audio from the native TV speakers to the other choice ("Audio System" - which should be the Beam), I receive a message that the Audio System is not available and audio is being returned to the TV speakers. The result is that the volume control on the remote turns up the native TV speakers. Any help would be appreciated.

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5 replies

Without delving into the TV manual one can't advise specifically on switching the audio output, but it's worth pointing out that the TV hasn't a clue whether the Beam is connected or not. The S/PDIF optical connection is uni-directional.
Thank you. Some additional information if it helps: I am able to locate the audio settings in the TV to change the audio output from the native TV speakers to an external audio system connected over the optical connection. (I had an external audio system with this TV prior to buying the Beam, and it worked fine.) With the Beam now connected in place of the old external audio system, when I try to switch the TV's audio settings from the native TV speakers to the external audio system (the Beam), the TV returns a message that it cannot find the audio system. (Again, the Beam is receiving the audio.)
I don't see how the TV can know that the Beam is or isn't there. Do you have other HDMI devices connected? The TV may be getting confused. Try disabling HDMI control if it's set to be On.
I will try that tonight. Thank you again for your help.
The issue is resolved. I disconnected all devices from the TV, updated all HDMI ports to clear any devices, unplugged the TV for a few minutes, and then re-connected the Beam, followed by the various other devices (Apple TV, etc). I was then able to change the audio settings to the external audio system (the Beam) and it now works as expected. The TV did indeed appear to be "confused," and I freely admit that I have no idea which one (or which combination) of these actions served to re-set things, but wanted to post this follow-up in case it helps someone else, as well as to close the loop and thank you for again for the advice.