Sony OLED?

  • 22 July 2017
  • 3 replies

Wondering if anyone here might have bought a Sony A1 OLED TV and if it works with the playbar?

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3 replies

I’m going to buy a Playbar, sub and 1’s for surround on my XBR-a1e... a related question..

Will the optical out on the TV pass proper surround sound when the TV audio setting for “Speakers” is set to the “internal speakers”? Or, are you forced to set this TV setting to “Sound System”? ... to put that another way, can I simultaneously have proper sound on the TV speakers AND the Sonos System?

I realize that sounds gross.. it’s probably worth explaining why I’m trying to do this... I need to find a way to easily toggle between small night time TV sound (internal TV speakers) and larger bass heavy surround sound (Sonos surround and sub). I don’t want to fiddle with the Sonos EQ and phone app each time I need to toggle from small sound to big sound.. So, my desired solution is to assign different volume controls on my Harmony remote for the TV internal speakers, and the Sonos System. Then, all if need to do is turn one volume up and the other down. i.e., wouldn’t turn them on at the same time.

But this only works if the TV can simultaneously pass proper signal to both Sonos and the internal speakers. I know for sure that turning the “speakers” setting on the TV to “sound system” will cut off the internal speakers. So my question is, again, will the optical out still pass proper signal when this setting is set to “Internal speakers”.

Thanks, in advance.
I have the Sony 55 A1 also and it passes 5.1 through just fine. It’s a big improvement to the TVs own sound Just make sure you have the relevant equipment, Cable, Apple TV, etc. set accordingly for output to the TV.
It works with the Playbar. I've had no problem with Dolby Digital passthrough for all of my content. I own the 55-inch version of the television.