Sonos Sub : enable/disable effect on playbar

  • 9 September 2017
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Hi all,

I just move my home theater system to a dedicated room so I purchased a playbar for my TV room.
I only bought the playbar as a first step to see how much bass it produces before eventually buy the Sub.
For regular TV use, the sound is great and the bass level is perfect but adding a sub would help from time to time (music, watching movies on TV).
However, I have the impression that adding a sub would make the bass level to loud all the time so I would enable it only when needed.

I understood that adding a sub to a playbar "takes out" all low frequencies from the playbar and direct them to the sub only.
My question is : when the sub is switched on/off in the sonos controller app, does it impact the bass level on the playbar itself like if the sub is paired or not ?

Thanks for your shares

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3 replies

Hey, I've set mine up with the tru sound so to me it just sounds like it removes the low all together, the best way to achieve what you are after is to just hit the moon shape on the bottom of the TV page and that will drop the lows or go into advanced audio, sub settings and just slide the sub level down when listening to tv, or just enjoy the extra bass like I do ?
Thanks for your reply.
And once the sub is added to the playbar, what is the effect of the ON/OFF slider in the subwoofer configuration section in the Sonos app ? does it add/remove low frequencies from the playbar ?
Yes adding the sub does remove low frequencies from the playbar, but it's still adjustable from the app. The playbar sounds good but add the sub and "yeah" now that sounds great. If u use tru sound tuning I think u would need to retune if u turn off the sub.