Sonos please create a 5.1 or 5.2 Amp (call it Sonos "Theatre")

  • 30 November 2019
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I’m thinking that you may have many other customers or potential customers that are like me… 

My house has some incredible built in 5.1 systems that are hard wired in my bedroom, living room, bonus room and basement.  I’ve ran these systems with big bulky receivers for some time that seem to only provide a basic function… 5.1 processing and amplification. 

I own some playbars, amps, and subs for my other rooms but really would like to get away from the mess that is the big bulky receiver in the others without removing my quality hard installed 5.1 system.

Here’s my thought… a 5.1 channel amp in a 2u rack space.  Just like 2 of the Sonos AMP’s side by side adding a center channel amp output with a single or dual sub output.  HDMI IN ARC connection would be ideal.  

I’ve tried to do this with a combination of the New Sonos Amp’s but it is a very clunky system with just as much unsightly look as before.  

I’m not sure how y'all handle new product submissions but I figured i would start here…  If this was a product available I know I would buy 4 of them and know some other 5.1 enthusiasts that would love this product as well.

Let’s do this!


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