Sonos Ones - loud surround?

  • 13 May 2020
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Hey all, I’ve recently invested in the Beam which gives great quality sound but I do miss the old Panasonic wired system that I ripped out, not because of the crazy amount of wires (!) but because the surround sound really was immersive. I totally understand a soundbar can’t create that so want to add a couple of Sonos Ones… but my question is this… 

With my old system I had a front speaker, two sides and two rears (plus a subwoofer). The side speakers were actually at the side of me and very powerful with the two little rear ones just popping in the odd bit of sound when enabled to create the surround vibe. 

With the Sonos Ones, will they just do the same as my old rear speakers? As what I’m really missing is that same sound coming from the front speaker at the side of me. 

Is it possible for the Sonos Ones to ‘echo’ what is coming from the front speaker to create that immersion or will they just add in the ‘whooshes’ behind me during the occasional movie? If the latter, what can I get to recreate that sound from the sides? Slightly regretting my hasty actions now!!

Thank you :)

5 replies

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Thank you! 

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A Beam and two One (SL's) create a 5.0 system. In this system the Beam comprises the FL-Center-FR and the One's at the rears. So the One's will do the same as your old speakers. If you would not bond the One's as surround but make them into a separate room that you would group with the Beam, you would have a more immersive sound. Two observations:

  • this immersive sound is not surround but double stereo;
  •  there would be a delay of a few millisceonds between the Beam and the One's that you may or may not hear.

The set up you had was also out of spec for a surround system: FL en FR should not be beside you but in front of you. I personally would use a system as it is supposed to work, but you are free to do what you want.




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Ah I understand, thank you! I had the SL one at the front but there was no space for the SR one to be at the front and so it ended up being much closer to me at the side, pointed at me and I enjoyed the immersion of it! I hadn’t actually realised I was doing that wrong so fair enough! Thank you for mentioning that. 


With the Ones - is it possible to originally set them up as bonded for surround sound, try it out then delete that set up and try it as a separate room, grouped with the Beam? (I have no idea how to do that but can learn!) 


Also - originally I had been going to go for the 2nd gen Ones but the Which review seems to be much better for the SL (they reckon, placed side by side the sound quality of the SL is superior). Do you have any thoughts on this? 

Thank you so much! 

Anything grouped with the Beam is going to be slightly behind the Beam for TV sources, causing an echo effect.  

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It is possible to bond speakers as surround and then unbond them and set them up as stand alone speakers or a stereo set. I have never done this, but in the Sonos app I see it is possible to remove the surrounds.

I only own a couple of One’s and heave no experience with the One SL’s. As I understand it they are exactly the same - bar the microphones that are absent from the One SL’s (and would not be used in a surround set up). I would not exepect a differeRence in sound.