SONOS ONE Surrounds not working

  • 30 August 2018
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Does anybody uses the Samsung 65" Premium UHD 4K Smart TV NU8000 Series 8
I just need to know whether its Optical Port supports Dolby Digital. If it does, I suppose this tv can reproduce 5.1 signal.

Another suggestion from the community is to have the Playbar connected to the cable box which most likely gives out 5.1 signal through its optical yes?

If I do not have a cable box, will an HDMI switch work? Do let me know if there is a suitable HDMI switch for the 5.1 to work.

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6 replies

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Hi there, Adriel. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I was able to determine that your TV does support Dolby Digital Plus.

In most cases, we recommend connecting the Playbar directly to the TV with the optical cable.

Cable Box -> TV -> Playbar

Hope you find this helpful! Feel free to reach back out should you have any other questions or problems.
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Sonos by itself does not support DTS Plus yes? So it will step down into PCM format I presume
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Correct. Sonos will not work with DTS. If you were to send DTS to Sonos you would hear no audio at all. Sonos cannot downsample DTS to PCM.
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I see, thank you.If is a bluray player/disc, what sort of sound format will be produce?
Depends on the disc itself. Most movies on bluray are encoded in DTS, but many have optional Dolby Digital Soundtracks. There are also a few bluray players that will automatically alter a DTS track to a Dolby Digital signal. There's a thread around here somewhere about those particular players.
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Note that many Samsung TVs will NOT emit DD 5.1 over toslink when fed such a signal from an HDMI input. They will downsample to Stereo. If your TV is one of the afflicted, you will need an EDID faker to force it to do so.