Sonos Home Theatre and Epsom EH-TW7300 Projector

  • 2 August 2017
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Hi, I'm fully expecting an angry redirection to a area in the community where this has already been answered. I have looked, honest and apologies in advance for posting here if the wrong place!

In short. Help! I'm currently converting my basement and want to create a cinema room. I'm going to use a Epsom Projector and would really like to use my existing Songs products for sound (player, sub 2 x Play1s).

What I can't get my head around - How do I connect my PS4 Pro / Sky Q to the projector and have the sound coming through the Sonos. Is this possible in a way that will work seamlessly?

Apologies again if this is a ludicrously thick thing to ask! But the builders are asking where I'll want wiring etc and I can't answer.



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6 replies

Hi Mark. The search utility on here is utterly useless and it would have been a miracle if you had found anything. Google is a better bet for finding things on here!

Here are some thoughts I have posted elsewhere. See if they help.

Here is a theoretical model for you, in the sense that I have never tried it and I don't even have a projector! Anyone think this will work? Or can see a way to modify it so it will? Assumption: required sources a Blu-Ray Player and cable box.

One end of room: screen, Playbar, cable box, BR, HDMI switch/extractor with optical out, wireless HDMI transmitter

Other end of room: Projector, wireless HDMI receiver, Sonos rear speakers

Connections, screen end. HDMI from cable box to switch input, HDMI from BR to switch input. Optical out from switch to Playbar, HDMI transmitter in HDMI output on switch.

Connection projector end: HDMI receiver to projector HDMI input.

The following may also be of interest
Hi John, Thanks so much for taking time out to reply so quickly. This all makes sense. I would massively appreciate hearing from anybody who has done this before I start planning for it.

I've been told using the Songs to do this is a terrible idea but I'd really like to use it if at all possible.


I personally prefer not to use wireless unless I have to (sonos being the exception). For one thing, it looks as if your projector is 4k, but I didn't see a wireless hdmi that is 4k. Maybe I just didn't see it.

So that begs the question, will you have access behind the ceiling in this process? If so, I would opt with an hdmi cable between the projector and your switch instead of wireless. If at all possible, and you can make it look ok, you may want to put in a cable channel so that you can add cables easily if you need it.

Also, on the hdmi switch, I would make sure it handles 4k, and that it passes DD5.1 through optical. Ideally, I'd also want it to have an IR remote so you don't have to manually switch it...even better if it's something a Logitech harmony remote can control.

And honestly, I probably would want to install speaker wire in case I ever want to go with a traditional system in the future. It's so much easier to do before the walls are up then after.

I doubt I'd ever be able to get a true home theater...I'd never be able to keep it within a budget...just keep adding things.
All good advice from @melvimbe, I'd say. I think people say that what you are trying to do is "horrible" because of the need to run a cable of some sort the length of the room. If that isn't an issue then a cable would be best. I have no experience of wireless HDMI so cannot vouch for it.

If you want to play Blu-Rays (although you don't mention that) you will need a player that will transcode DTS to DD5.1, as the Playbar cannot decode DTS. Samsungs are the best bet there.

If you wanted to, you could do a proof-of-concept with the wireless HDMI without a huge financial risk, as you already have the Sonos. If you got a transmitter / receiver you could just hook the Sky box by optical to the Playbar, the HDMI transmitter in the Sky box HDMI out, HDMI receiver into projector. If you buy online you can return for a refund if it doesn't work OK, under UK distance selling regulations. (Well it would almost prove the concept!)
Does the PS4 Pro (with Blu-ray) output DD5.1? I took a quick look and couldn't tell. I see the projector does 3D while the PS4 doesn't (pretty sure on that) so maybe you want a 3-D blu ray player.

Also, I don't know if the PS4 Pro allows for hdmi pass-through. By that I mean the output from your skybox could go into the PS4 and thus your PS4 could effectively control the hdmi switching you need. I have an xbox, and it does, but I've honestly never tried to see how well it works. If it does, then you may be able to avoid having an hdmi switch, you would still need to have a device that will take hdmi and split it to hdmi + optical for the audio though.

And I completely agree that trying different options out in advance is the best way to go, if you can return stuff that isn't working out for you.
Regarding the PS4.