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  • 24 January 2023
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Hi - I’m trying to maximize the Sonos home theater experience (to the extent that is possible).   One bummer…..wife will not let me install an Arc Soundbar under the TV.   So I’m purchasing two invisible Sonance speakers that will hide in the drywall on either side of the TV.   After reading many posts on here….this is my plan:


Buy 3 sonos amps

First Amp will power the two sonance speakers mentioned above to create a phantom center.   Since I can’t get an Arc, my hope is that these two speakers will be an adequate substitute for center channel dialogue.

Second Amp will power two additional FRONT speakers on the far left and far right of our living room for to expereince the true left and right channels

Third Amp will power two additional speakers on the rear left and rear right of our living room for rear surround sound.

Finally I’m adding an Sonos Sub to the set up.


Will this work to allow me to experience a 5.1 home theater set up?   Or will the first two amps and speakers mentioned above simply be redundant?


Thanks much for any advice


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You could connect two sets of 8 Ohm speakers to the front Amp if they meet the Sonos requirements.

Three sets if you buy the ones Sonos sells, plus you can run TruePlay on them.

Personally I’d go with just two front speakers, set up far enough apart they are at the proper distance from each other to give you a good stereo image at your listening position.

You can place the Sub along the front wall, or try other spots in the room and see if the sound meets your desires. You can even add a second Sub if you need even more.

The maximum number of Amps in a Home Theater setup is 2, one for L/R front and phantom center, one for L/R rear surrounds.