Sonos Home Theater Receiver

  • 25 February 2024
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Does anyone else wish Sonos would make a home theater “receiver”.  No built in amplifier, just a connectivity device to connect your projector or TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.  This receiver should also allow more flexibility in which speakers you choose for the various channels of your surround sound setup.  E.g., you could build a surround sound system using all Fives or an Arc with Fives as front left/right.

I have a long throw projector and have to run a 25 ft HDMI cable from the back of the room to the Arc in front.  Would be much simpler if I could just connect the projector to a receiver in the rear of the room - no long HDMI cable to soundbar in front.  And would prefer discrete speakers in front for better left/right separation.

And please can we join two Sub Minis to a single speaker/room?  I much prefer the punchy Sub Mini to the boomy Sub.  Allowing the user to select crossover frequency for the Sub would also likely solve this - I used to set my sub crossover around 40 Hz before I switched to Sonos.

As surround sound formats change, newer versions of the receiver could be released and users could upgrade only their receiver and not need to buy a whole new soundbar.

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2 replies

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Though it would be a solution to your problem, I think this would be to complex for Sonos - especially your need to build a system with many speakers. Sonos seems to be about using less speakers as much it is about using less cables. I can see Sonos using a separate box as a hub for all connections where they now rely on your TV to do this, especially since there are rumors of a Sonos media player.

While Sonos doesn’t currently offer a dedicated home theater receiver, their soundbars and speakers can be integrated into a home theater system. The Sonos Arc, for example, provides an immersive Dolby Atmos experience and can serve as the centerpiece of your setup. However, I understand your desire for a separate connectivity device. Keep in mind that Sonos emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, so their products are designed to minimize clutter and streamline connections.