Sonos Headphones ?

  • 31 May 2020
  • 6 replies

Wonder if and when Sonos will be offering a Sonos brand headphone. I’ve been looking to add a headset (RF transmitter such as the Sennheiser) to connect to my Play 5 and listen to my music without distracting others. Rumors shows Sonos is making a headset and I rather buy Sonos so just wondering.

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6 replies

I’ve not seen any such rumors myself, but Sonos is notoriously tight lipped about upcoming plans. Given that they’ve just announced the Sonos Arc, a new SUB, and the Sonos Five, It would be unusual for them to come out with another hardware device in the near future.

As has been discussed at length in previous posts about the potential for Sonos headphones, there are certain challenges that would need to be overcome, since all Sonos speakers also contain a computer and Wi-Fi system. 

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And I may of course have misunderstood your intentions but the Play 5 does not have a line-out but only a line-in. So you can connect a record player or similar to play to the Play 5 but I don’t think you can play from the Play 5 to a headset.


You would need something with a line-out (a Port or a Connect) for that. You could then hook up an RF/Bluetooth transmitter to that to play to a set of headphones.


Just out of curiosity, why would you like to send the audio from the Play 5 to a headset and not just directly from a phone, etc. to the headset? Perhaps to use the Sonos Radio or Playlists generates in the Sonos ecosystem? I am sure you have some specific use in mind :)



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Play 5 Gen 1 does have a headphone jack.

It was removed for the improved Gen 2 and Five.

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Play 5 Gen 1 does have a headphone jack.

It was removed for the improved Gen 2 and Five.

Right. Just assumed the OP was talking about a more recent version than the S1-only, Play:5 1. gen

hi, thanks for the answers, I have 2 x Play 5’s (one first and one second gen.) as well as a Connect. I realize the main reasons why people would buy a SONOS is to play/group their music as designed but I just wanted another way to enjoy my playlists without the rest of the family who find my 80’s rock playlist a bit too old :) I noticed users with same thoughts of mine have been purchasing the Sennheiser RF 175/185/195 but if SONOS was coming out with their own headphones, I’d rather support SONOS as I trust and am pretty happy with all my SONOS equipments to date.

Playlists from my phone to headphones, yes, I can do that, just not as sexy to do with SONOS software and I’m tired of loading IOS apps only to find out I need to pay for it.

Again, thanks for the answers and I’ll find an option.


If Sonos were to release additional new products this year, it would likely happen around September in order to catch the Christmas shopping season.  I am doubtful that will happen though, since they already have new products, and it’s not looking to be a particularly big retail year.