Sonos connect, playbase and a/v reciever wiring question

How can I link up my LG 4k tv, sonos connect and playbase to operate tv and playbase thru my Denon a/v receiver?

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If you figured this out, would you let me know. I have the same scenario. Thanks
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Sorry, can you clarify your requirements a little more. Are you wanting your AV receiver to control your inputs to your TV like this diagram?
Yes. For instance, I want to run a 4k DVD player thru my Denon receiver utilizing my playbase for surround sound. I already have a sonos sub and two play 1's. thanks
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Connection as per the diagram should work then.
where and how does the sonos connect get wired?
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If your AV receiver can output via HDMI and Optical then you won't need it.
OK thank you so much for your input and time. Best of the holidays to you

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