Sonos Beam Surround Sound

I just purchased a Sonos Beam and own (2) PLay 1s I am trying to set up a surround sound system with. I followed the directions on the App but got a message that said: Wireless Network Problem... "Your network doesn't support the use of a sub or surrounds with your Beam". Do I need to add a boost? Can I upgrade my WIFI? I specifically bought the beam and the speakers for surround sound.

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Do all three speakers all work/play fine by themselves via the Sonos App?

Have you checked and installed any recent Sonos updates?

Can you provide your make/model of router and name the sonos controller device you are using to set them up.
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Great questions, Ken. Also, can you please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number? We'll take a look for you.
I was wondering whether it was a case of hitting one of those duff routers which are incapable of assigning IP addresses to HT satellites in WiFi/Standard mode without issuing duplicates.


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