Sonos Beam Surround– Blu-rays on XBOX not synchronous

  • 19 July 2018
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Hi everyone,

This is my setup:
Philips 55PUS7303
Apple TV 4K
Sonos Beam + 2x Sonos Play:1 as rear speakers connected with HDMI cable
This is the situation:
Watching regular TV from TV receiver works fine
Using Apps like Netflix and Prime Video from TV with 5.1 Dolby works fine
Using Apps from Apple TV (Netflix, Prime Video, iTunes) with 5.1 Dolby works fine

Here is the problem:
Many blu-rays only have DTS HD audio on the disc. On the TV I set „Multichannel (Bypass)“ from the options:
Multichannel - Same result as for Multichannel (Bypass)
Dolby Digital Plus - No Sound from Sonos
Stereo (uncompressed) - Stereo
Multichannel (Bypass) - Works but not in synch

and on the XBOX One I can chose:
Bitstream Format:
DTS Digital Surround - Selectable but no Sound from Sonos
Dolby Digital - Selectable but Video Signal before Sound Signal
Dolby Atmos for Home Theater - Message „Not supported by Audio Receiver

Stereo (uncompressed) - Sound and Video are in synch but ONLY Stereo
5.1 (uncompressed) - Message „Not supported by Audio Receiver“
7.1 (uncompressed) - Message „Not supported by Audio Receiver“
Bitstream - Selectable in combination with Dolby Digital but Video Signal comes before Sound Signal

To my understanding the only valid combination should be:
TV - Multichannel (Bypass)
XBOX One - Dolby Digital & Bitstream
Is there any way to get picture and sound in synch? Lipsynch function is only working if Sound comes before Video. Watching blu-rays only in Stereo is no option.


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6 replies

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I'm not aware of any fix as it seems to be at least in this case an Xbox one X issue, I changed my X to output in Dolby digital and even on my TV internal speakers there is a bad delay.
Mine is a One S but the problem seems to be the same.

I did another test and set up my old AVR receiver. Keeping the settings to Dolby on the Xbox there is still a delay but really minimal.
When I switch the output format to DTS it is in synch as the receiver is supporting DTS. The Beam doesn’t.
Im having lip-syncing issues while watching blu-rays on my Xbox One X and using the beam with 5.1. It's fine with the TV just problematic while watching movies. connected via HDMI-ARC on a samsung tv.