sonos beam sounda playing in 4x

  • 13 February 2020
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I recently got a beam and love the product. I have an insignia tv which I have connected to beam through HDMI ARC for audio. The other hdmi on TV is for fire tv which I use for entertainment. 


Problem is when I use streaming services like spotify or tune in after which if I switch to watching TV, it sounds like the audio is going on in 2x or 4x speed and the only way to overcome the issue is to restart the fire stick. Anyone else experienced the same? 

3 replies

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@ramesh4046 Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for bringing this issue to the Community. I understand that you are having TV audio issues with your Beam. We want to narrow down where the issue could be stemming from. Please provide us the make/model of your TV. We will also want to know what is connected to the TV’s HDMI ports.

Lastly, please submit us a diagnostic report using this link when you are playing TV audio from the Firestick. Next, remove the Firestick from the TV and test another audio source like a cable box and see if the audio issues happens from that source. While trying this second source please submit us a second diagnostic report and reply back here with the test results and diagnostic report numbers.

TV - Insignia

Model - insignia ns-rc4na-17


The TV has 2 HDMI ports out of which one I use for Fire TV stick. The other one, I use for the HDMI ARC of my beam.


I don’t have another source for the TV like cable which I could test but the issue is easily reproducible.


I play audio from any streaming provider like spotify or tunein and they play good. Immediately if I switch to TV, the sound starts playing like it’s in 4x speed. The only solution is to restart my fire tv stick.


I have shared the diagnostics information and the confirmation number is 885024197.

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Thank you for the follow up information. We want to be able to test another audio source like a cable box, since it is not available do you have something to test like a blu-ray player, an Xbox or a PS4? If not, I would ask that you test with the dongle that comes with the Beam and use optical out as the source and bypass the TV’s CEC. Since your source is the Firestick, I am concerned that there could be a delay in the audio/video coming from the Firestick and as it tries to sync up you are getting the audio issue as the TV processes that signal out to the Beam.