Sonos Beam - Music not playing when TV is on

  • 5 December 2019
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In the last month or so my Beam does not properly play music when the TV is on via Alexa. When the TV is on and I ask alexa to play something the TV is muted but nothing plays. When I go into the app and look the song is streaming to the Beam but I get silence - then the song will skip in and out of pause/play then finally start playing properly - 30 seconds into the song. But only if I look at the stream in the app and pause/play a few times. 

If the TV is not on - then playback is flawless.

This has only started in the past month or so. Previously all worked as expected.

I have tried the following:

disabling and re-enabling alexa skill

Re-linking alexa skill

Powering Beam down.

Nothing has resolved this issue. 

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