Sonos Beam is floating and sound travels behind speaker to neighbors

  • 7 September 2020
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Hello, I have a Sonos Beam mounted outdoors. It is under my TV that is hanging from my covered patio. There is no wall behind the speaker and too much sound travels behind the speaker to my neighbors house. My TV and speaker are using Sanus mounts and Sanus makes a mount specifically for the Beam. What are my options to keep the sound from traveling behind the speaker?

Thank you!


2 replies

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You could move the TV plus Beam to the side of the patio or put something behind the speaker to prevent sound leaking to the back.

You can try the above as an option, but you should also be aware that the structure itself will reflect sound. I'm also assuming that one side is attached to the house? That space will always cause some reverb and have sound leak outside of it.