Sonos Beam forgets my volume control setup each day

  • 7 February 2020
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My setup is an Apple TV 4K with a 4K HDR Monitor and a Sonos Beam.

I am using a HDMI audio extractor (AV Access 4KCVH2H) and the optional Sonos SPDIF to HDMI link to provide an audio signal to the Beam.

I used the iOS Sonos app to teach the beam to recognise the volume up and down buttons of the Apple TV 4K 6 button and trackpad remote,  and everything works perfectly…..

….Until the next day when the volume control no longer works.


Each day I have to re train the beam to understand the remote control volume.

Everything remains powered 24/7 but the Apple TV and monitor sleep


What am I doing wrong?

1 reply

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@A John B 


Welcome to the Sonos community.


It seems like there is a miscommunication between the IR signal from the Apple Tv remote to the Beam. Normally the Beam will remember the remote pairing until a new remote is paired. There maybe something happening on the remote when the Apple Tv goes to sleep. Can you try waking the Apple Tv before trying to use the remote again? If it doesn't remember the remote when the Apple Tv wakes up, I would like for you send us a diagnostic and reply back with the confirmation number.