Sonos Beam connecting directly to Virgin Tivo box

  • 3 December 2019
  • 6 replies

Can I use the HDMI to Optical cable converter, which is usually connected to the TV, to connect the Beam directly into the optical port on the Virgin Tivo box, will this work? 

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6 replies

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Yes, you can as long as that’s your only source. Meaning that anything connected to your TV will not send audio to your Beam. But why are you wanting to do that? Are you having problems that you haven’t mentioned.  

Honestly, with a TV that old, I’d pick up an HDMI switch that has an optical output port, so you could connect as many devices you need to the TV, not just the TiVo. Then you could take the optical output from that switch and send it to your Sonos. Then the audio would match the video on your TV. 

Airgetlam - This sounds like a solution! The Beam arrives tomorrow so I'll play around and see what happens but the Switch sounds like a winner , thank you.

I'll keep you posted


Yes, the adapter will convert the signal from optical to HDMI-ARC. However, I don’t think the optical port ever turns off on the TiVo, so you’ll need to mute your Beam every time. 

Hi there and thanks for the quick responses! 

AjTrek1: Yes, the HDMI port on my TV isn't ARC and there's no Optical Port on there either, it's an older Hitachi model and the onboard speakers are terrible - I have two Play 1s and wanted to go the next step with the Beam so would like a solution - So you think the direct connection from Beam to Tivo box could be that solution? Or am I missing something? 

There are a ton (officially verified weight!) of posts in this area of the forum that list what type they use. I don’t use one, so I have no particular recommendations, sorry.