Sonos Beam becomes default TV control for ALL TVs

I have 3 TVs in my home and Google branded speakers in the same room, which are linked to the TVs in the same room. So if I say "hey Google, turn off my TV" if I'm in my bedroom it turns off my bedroom TV, if I'm in the livingroom, the livingroom TV turns off.

Since installing my Sonos Beam and activating Google assistant the "turn off my TV" command defaults to the "Sonos TV connection" even if I'm not in the room with the Sonos speaker. My bedroom speaker no longer turns off my bedroom TV, it turns off the TV the Sonos is connected to. 

I've checked the settings all speakers are still linked to the correct TVs. I have no idea why it's defaulting to the Sonos connected TV for all speakers.

I can of course say the longer "turn off the livingroom TV" but kinda spoils the smartness of the speakers knowing where I am.

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Hi @redsrum_ 

I have multiple  LG TV’s with Sonos voice enabled speakers (i.e. Beam and Arc). I use Alexa on the Sonos speakers and have Amazon Dot and Show devices throughout.  I can command the connected Sonos speakers or the Amazon devices to turn the TV’s on or off.

My solution was to name the rooms in which the TV’s are located after the TV brand. Since all are LG’s I obviously could not (or want to) use LG as the name for each room.

  1. The main video room is called “LG”
  2. The Master Bedroom with an LG Nanocell is called “Nano”
  3. The living room is called “OLED”

I can turn a TV for the specific room on or off using Alexa commands. Also the Amazon devices use the names Computer, Echo or Alexa.

Note: Alexa for an Amazon device is not used in a room with a Sonos voice activated speaker.   

I hope the preceding makes sense. Cheers!

Thank you @AjTrek1 

Unfortunately renaming rooms wouldn't work in this case because it isn't the room names that's causing the problem, Sonos seems to break to contextual awareness of the Google assistant. The other speakers I have are all Google Nest speakers and not Sonos.

Also I should have mentioned the TVs all have Chromecast ultras connected to them, that's how they are able to turn the TVs on and off.

The issue seems to only affect the on/off function. I have no idea how Alexa works but for GA if I say "hey Google, play the politician from Netflix" (I don't even need to say "on the TV") the GA knows to turn on the TV in the room I'm in and play the show where I left off, that function still works thankfully. 

I've even removed 'TV' from the name of the Sonos speaker and just called it Sonos Beam, this made no difference. 

I am having the same problem. I have 3 TVs, 2 Samsung and 1 LG, all with chromecast ultras connected. I have the Sonos Arc in connected through the HDMI-ARC on the Samsung in the family room, and when I say “turn on the TV”, google responds “turning on Sonos control Family Room TV”. But when I am in the master bedroom and I say “turn on the TV” it responds “turning on Sonos control Family Room TV”. 

When using the Optical cable, everything works great, google turns the TV on (and off) directly through the chromecast.

I have noticed if you say “turn off (on) the chromecast”, google will work correctly. Annoying that I can not simply say TV.