Sonos Beam audio does not stay on TV, plays for a few seconds then defaults back to TV audio

  • 2 May 2020
  • 3 replies

Hello!  I have a Sonos Beam.  I can play music through it no problem, but when I switch to TV, the Beam plays the TV audio for a few seconds and always reverts back to TV audio.  Any ideas how to fix or troubleshoot this?

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3 replies

Do you mean it reverts to music?

Thanks for the clarifying question john.  I have a simple set up:  1 sonos Beam and a TV.  I was having an odd situation where:


  1. music from Spotify would play fine through the Beam
  2. when watching TV, the audio would play through the Beam for 1-2 seconds, then default back to playing through the TV speakers.

Somewhat miraculously, this #2 phenomenon has gone away - no idea why.



Hey @rhowlin thanks for posting. 

Based on your description, it sounds live the the CEC connection is being disrupted. It sounds like the TV is directing the audio correctly but then, ignores the Beam’s connection status and opts for it’s internal source. Sonos does not usually have an influence in this and normally, troubleshooting of the TV is required to accept the ARC connection from the Beam. I am happy to hear that this issue has not returned. Hopefully it stays that way.