Sonos Beam + 2 x Sonos One SL - do the sattelites help "fill" the room and not have sound coming from "underneath" the TV ?

  • 6 September 2020
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Hi everybody,

I have a 40” Smart TV with good-enough speakers; I also have >30cm from the TV to the wall behind it, no other pieces of furniture blocking the sound, so the so-called “cinematic” sound experience when watchin a movie is what I would call “good-enough”: when I watch a movie, the sound comes out perfectly, exactly how one would like the most, so-to-say “like the source of the sound is the image itself”, from the main TV screen itself (not from one side, not from under/above the screen)

When I bought a Sonos Beam and tried to watch a movie with the sound on it, what became really annoying was that I had a strong sensation that the sound is not coming from the TV screen, but noticebly from underneath the TV; even though the sound is better, the room-filling effect is missing, comparing to the TV speakers.

Now the question: if I buy 2 additional Sonos One SL speakers and configure a surround sistem together with the Beam, does this help my problem ? Does it make it feel like it’s coming more “from the center of the image”, thus correcting this sensation of the sound coming from under the TV ? Does it contribute to the room-filling sound effect ?

Thank you.

3 replies

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The added surround One speakers will only play rear surround effects, they'll have no effect at all on your general front sound presentation for TV viewing.

You can send music to the rear One speakers which creates a more room filling sound but that option isn't available for TV playback I'm afraid.

I’d think that if the sound seems to be coming directly from below the TV set, you may be too close to the TV. 

I concur with Bernardo, adding surrounds would not change this. 


@Bernardo , @Airgetlam , thanks for your answers, I was kind-of afraid of this…


Just for my info: when switching to a SONOS Beam, did anybody else notice this “sound coming from below the TV” issue ? as opposed to the standalone TV speakers ?

Or am I being over-sensitive ?