Sonos arc with sub and 2 SL

  • 24 September 2022
  • 3 replies

So during Covid. Had a Lot of time, so spent a lot of time

and money trying out different systems ranging from Jbl to Sony to Sonos to get my perfect setup.

so settled on the arc with sub and 2 SL. 

was very happy and then the updates hit. Currently on 14.16. And boy has it gone absurdly bad. No bass. No depth no effect. I am in no way a professional. But I know how it should sound but this is pathetic. No matter how many times I have retuned or adjusted the balance. Sounds horrible. 

sadly I am the sucker who believe in Sonos and even bought quiete a bit of shares in the company. 

all waste. 

listing the entire setup on eBay for sale now. Fed up and done with it. 

good luck everyone else. 

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3 replies

Just turn off trueplay until there is a fix ;)

Same setup.. Arc + 2sl + sub. No true play.. sound is much flatter than before.  Lots of money spent and reality poor consistency in the sound across the updates. How would we know if this is even being fixed for future, before thinking of selling?

Since there’s an official Sonos person who made the announcement here:



I’d think it was on their “we need to fix” list.