Sonos Arc stuttering any sources other than 2.0

  • 9 September 2020
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My setup is a Sony 900H and Sonos Arc connected via HDMI. Everything was working just fine until recently when I noticed any audio source other than 2.0 would cause the Arc to stutter (sound cuts in and out). It’s happening with any native app including Netflix, Prime, HBO Max, etc. I performed a factory reset on the Arc which solved the problem for about 36 hours and now it’s happening again. If I change the audio option in the streaming app to anything but Atmos or 5.1, it will. It stutter. Obviously that’s not why I spent $800 on the Arc. I need it to play the highest quality audio an not just 2.0. Any help appreciated.



4 replies

The Arc will obviously only play the audio when it receives it. Assuming the Arc is not faulty in any way,I would certainly try a different HDMI cable and perhaps also check the Sony website for any firmware/software updates for the TV.

Ken_Griffiths, thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve replaced the HDMI cable and the TV software is up-to-date. It worked fine for a couple of months and now it’s not working well. 

The Arc is working okay here for me, but I’m using the LG C9 TV - do you perhaps have another TV you can perhaps try (temporarily) with your Arc? If not, then I would submit a system diagnostic (make a note of the reference and post it here in the thread) and then maybe give Sonos Customer Care a call.

If all tests show the Sonos Arc hardware is okay, then you might then want to speak to Sony customer support, just in case it turns out to be an issue with the Sony TV. It does sound like the issue may possibly lie with the TV as the PCM stereo audio is working okay, inferring the TV is possibly unable to process and send the surround audio quickly enough out through its port, but let’s not preempt any tests.


Hope you get your issue sorted soon.👍

Hello Ken, I unfortunately dont have another TV that would make for a good test. The problem actually went away (thats why Ive been quiet), but it just came back this morning. In other words, I was watching content in 5.1 original audio track without a problem. Now this morning, the Arc is back to stuttering on any audio other than 2.0. 

I will take the additional steps as outlined in your post.