Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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Guys this insane issue is also present on my LGCX. Sound flickers including the image on my screen Its terrible. 

Hi all, yet another note from the dev team:

We have been working on the ongoing audio problem between the Sonos Arc and several 2020 Samsung TV models. These models support the new eARC connectivity. Samsung TVs prior to and from 2019 do not support eARC and are not seeing this particular problem. Customers will randomly experience a complete loss of audio which requires either the rebooting of the Sonos Arc and/or the rebooting of the Samsung TV. 

If you are experiencing this problem and you are willing to assist with some short term testing, please contact our customer care department at your earliest convenience.



Happy to help.  Is there a way to get directly to someone who can get us involved, I would not want to have to go through hours of troubleshooting changing HDMI etc would rather get straight to this testing programme if possible ?

Me too please / brand new arc and 75” Samsung frame tv and one other 2020 Samsung tv


I called Sonos support today and they applied the patch manually.  So far so good, on my 2020 Samsung Frame and Sonos Arc setup.  The first line customer support agent had to transfer me to a supervisor, who asked me to run a diagnostic check, then he made some back end changes, then I was able to update the Sonos system using the Sonos app.  He repeatedly told me that it is Samsung’s issue and they viewed this as a temporary solution until Samsung provides a fix.  The Sonos screen saver won’t work in the meantime, but who uses it anyway?  In total it was a 45 minute phone call and it’s working perfectly now.



After hours on the phone with both Samsung and Sonos here's what we did to resolve this:

1) Ensure you're using an HDMI ARC cable. Not simply an HDMI cable. (My A/V guys used a standard HDMI cable and this was problem #1) Must be the Sonos (or other) specific HDMI Arc cable

2) Your TV should then recognize HDMI as an available audio output - Select Receiver (HDMI) as Sound Output

3) Settings -> Sound -> Expert Settings -> Turn HDMI-eARC Mode to "OFF"!

Voila. This should work.


Apparently, Samsung is not yet supporting Dolby Digital Plus but when you turn HDMI-eARC OFF (and are only using HDMI ARC) you are still getting Dolby 5.1 sound, which is still great. Unless you're using some particular gaming console, this audio quality should be sufficient. Sonos said that Samsung is workong on supporting this new full Dolby Digital Plus and are good about updates so hopefully that will come soon. For now, this should work.


Hope that helps and my hours spent troubleshooting today are helpful to someone else.

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As it stands my Arc and 5.1 system are worthless. I can play music though, through streaming with NO issues. 


Useless seems an exaggeration. You could always use an optical cable from the TV to the Arc (via the adapter) to stop Samsung screwing with the audio signal over HDMI, until they fix their firmware.

Following this thread as we have similar issues. 
we have 50” Frame connected to an arc, sub and pair of 1’s. 
When it works it is awesome. 
we do get intermittent switching between hdmi and e-arc in the sound output. I had a little suspicion that it was connected to the Alexa system we have which turns off all the devices in the room each night - I’ve removed the Sonos from the Alexa (don’t use Alexa for the Sonos anyhow). Will keep track to see if it improves. 


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OK, can someone please give me some advice on how to actually get support to apply the patch?


I just went through the chat system since phone isn’t available on weekends, they got me to submit diagnostics, then started asking me about rebooting it, changing HDMI cables, updating the Samsung firmware (ALREADY DONE), “does it work now?” without changing anything… in the end my browser refreshed and the chat system didn’t pick up where it was, so I lost the chat window with no way back.


It’s astonishing how bad the Sonos support is (like the guy coming into this thread saying “who wants to try out this version?” then disappearing) for such an expensive product.  This hasn’t worked for me since day 1.  I know they’re blaming Samsung, but THEY HAVE A PATCH THAT FIXES IT.  Why won’t they let us apply it?

Guys this insane issue is also present on my LGCX. Sound flickers including the image on my screen Its terrible. 

That sounds like a fault with either the TV/Sonos, or the cable, or perhaps one of the connected peripherals has CEC enabled and is attempting to steal focus.

Edit: With LG aswell, perhaps try switching off ‘Instant Game Response’ on the HDMI-2 port, as that may ‘sometimes’ have strange effects with connected audio devices.

I think with some other branded TV’s, like Samsung, Sonos choose now to switch off the screensaver on some of their models, but LG is normally fine.

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Sounding more than ever like a problem with one connect box as the Frame also uses one connect.

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

I might purchase a Q90T just to see if it works for me, still in return period for Q95T and not overly fussed by lack of one connect.

I have updated to 1403 Samsung and 2.21 Sonos .  

I think what may be happening is that users who apply the fixes maybe testing with a Non Atmos audio stream  .  I did this at first,  I don’t know for sure though . 



I did the chat and told the rep there is a patch. He connected with an engineer and they set my system to do normal Sonia update to install new arc software. 

the new build for the arc is 61185070.  This is supposed to have a fix for Samsung frame. 

Yet another +1 on this topic.  I was running an older Samsung TV and an older Sonos setup.  I decided to treat myself over the holidays and upgraded both - Samsung Frame TV and Sonos Arc + 2 surrounds.  I installed the Arc and the surrounds a few weeks ago and everything worked perfect with the older Samsung TV (using eArc as well, oddly).  Then yesterday finally got around to upgrading the TV and everything went to hell.  The sound cuts out every few seconds and I’ve tried changing all the settings to no avail.  Now that I see what a widespread problem this is, it’s nuts.  I’m going to try what Nzd31155 just suggested and see if that works.


if the ‘check for updates’ is greyed out - quite the apps so you’re just on normal tv - that took me 20 mins to work out!

Welp, I tried this but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.  Interestingly, the TV says there are ‘no updates available’.  But, if you go on the website, you can clearly get a newer version of firmware.  So, I downloaded it and installed it into the box (pretty easy to do).  Then I plugged everything in and it worked great!  Then I cycled the TV and it went right back to the way it was - sound cutting out every other second :(

I have downloaded the latest Samsung update on my TV and disconnected the optical cable from the Arc to the TV. I then inserted the hdmi cable from the Arc to the Samsung TV e-arc and sound including Atmos now works without lipsync problems with the Sky Q and for Netflix etc. Hooray!

Mines been working with Sky Q and Netflix in eARC for the last week without a single blip. I was hesitant to type this in fear of jinxing it, but I’ve had a great experience for awhile now. 

Exact same issue. Spent a few days trying different cables. 75 inch and 65 inch Frame 2020 with two Sonos Arc.  eArc does not function and now sound drops in and out.  I'm guessing this is a Samsung issue do we know if it's impacting people with AV equipment that isn't Sonos needing eArc

Has this issue been sorted looking at getting a Samsung Q90t but no point until this problem is fixed?




Samsung has sent out a repair, to replace the Connect One box, the repairman replaced it. And nothing. Sound cuts off from the Arc still. Its off more than on. For me, its got to be a software issue with Samsung. Because when I go into the the Sound input the Samsung Switches off, between Receiver HDMI and Receiver (HDMI-eArc) then the sound comes on when the system system goes back to “HDMI-eArc. The sound is ONLY a problem when attached to the Samsung One Connect. When streaming music through the Arc there is Zero problems.

As for Samsung, this has been an ongoing issue since day one. Samsung pushed and pushed me to “repair” this issue now Im 4 days PAST MY return date. And now im stuck with this TV. Samsung did elevate this issue with their RRRR division, they were supposed to call me today but didnt. Honestly this is my last Samsung product. 

Very frustrating. 

Hi Marlina,

I’m experiencing the same problems as most people here. Broken sound after the update, temporarily fix with power off/on. I did quite some research and found you seem to be the only one so far with a solution. I talked to several Samsung (and Sonos) helpdesk employees. At Samsung I found someone willing to help me, he also read this forum and your solution, but he told me it is impossible for him and even forbidden to change the Sub-micom-version. He asked with his superiors and they told him impossible. He is dying to get your contact at the RRRR-devision because this is possibly the solution for all of us. Could I ask to to share his contact details (if necessary in a PM), so I can start working on a solution for everyone here.

Thanks a lot.

I have both my Frame TV and Sonos Arc on the LAN on the latest firmware 1460.9 but i had the issue continue after the update. However, i retoggled the EARC setting to Off and Auto and since then the issue has not returned even when turned off for a while. We will see later today when I switch back on. If the issue returns I will try a full reset of the TV just to make sure the firmware update hasnt fixed it. I spoke to Samsung and they assured me that they are still working on a fix.

Bug is back here as well. Sorry for the fake news.

For those of you who’ve had the *070 beta patch installed by support:

When you claim “it works” could you provide i bit more detail? Have any of you tested with lossless Atmos audio from 4K Bluray or a downloaded movie? Setting earc to auto on my Samsung the frame 2020 and playing lossless atmos will trigger the sound dropping off completely for 2-3 seconds about every half hour. At least that is my experience when I tested with a 4K HDR movie with lossless Atmos (I have tested 5 different movies total). 

At the moment, I keep earc off. Then I have no issues for 95% of my family media consumption and only set earc to auto when I want to watch a 4K Bluray movie with lossless atmos. For Netflix and the other streaming services I get atmos without earc enabled as the audio signal is compressed (has been discussed extensively in this thread). 

i dont have any issues with the samsung tv apps like netflix, prime and so on. everything was fine. had the issue the audio was dropping all the time. only a reboot of the arc worked. earc and atmos is turned on.

Not fixed: awful audio delay with bitstream from an xbox series x, but i guess, thats a different topic

I am a Samsung/Sonos dealer, we recently installed a Samsung 75” Frame and ARC. 

We have tried multiple settings with no permanent solution. 

Today we tried the following, and it worked as a possible “fix”. But it’s a workaround. 

We have dis covered that this all boils down to Dolby Atmos Compatibility.  We have figured out that you must Enable/Disable this until the sound starts working consistently. We have seen it work both ways, if you don’t get proper sounds when it’s on disable it. If you can get proper sound when it’s disabled, enable it.

This has been our fix, all this being said however when you turn the tv off the process must be completed again.


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I have the same issues with a Frame 65” and Sonos ARC. Just bought both within the last 30 days.
In the first week or so everything worked well, then I started to get the constant changing between HDMI and eARC with the cutting sound as a result. I too could either plug out the power cord or the HDMI cable. Plug it back in and it would work well again UNTIL I would leave the TV off for a few hours or the next day. I could also mingle around with the “Sound” menu and switch ON/OFF Atmos experience or eARC menu a few times and eventually the sound would be back to normal, but still after  every time my TV’s been off for a few hours. Same as everyone else in here I suppose.


It should be said that I am running everything over an Apple TV4K as I don't have cable, however I could still hear the impact by the “clicking” feedback while scrolling through the samsung menu’s..still the cutting sound of course.


SO...last night I update the Sonos Firmware to 12.2.2 on my ARC. I am still using the old Frame firmware 1403. This morning - no change. Turned the TV OFF for at least 5 hours (This would be enough time to have the cutting sound effect back). HOWEVER, I then tuned the ARC with TRUEPLAY and exchanged the HDMI cable with another (from the one that came with the Sonos ARC box). I didn't suspect this would have an effect, but... IT DID! I switched on the TV and it worked well from the first moment. I’m still doubtful if this will come back in the morning. I’ll check up tomorrow if I still have positive news.

EDIT: After 40 minutes with the TV OFF .. the cutting sound was back… :( 40 effing minutes !!

Sorry, disable/enable Atmos Compatibility until the sound works.  If you turn the tv off, you must start over.


@bmoody34 - I plugged in the HDFury Arcana and didn’t change any of the settings and it worked fine.  There are not very many settings to change, so if it’s not working, the cords may be plugged into the wrong places.  In my setup, the HDMI Out goes to the Frame TV (HDMI 3 jack on the Frame), HDMI In comes from the Cable Box and eARC out goes to the Sonos Arc.  It works fine as a temporary solution, but it has some quirks as I mentioned in my earlier post, so I’m holding out for a real solution from Samsung and Sonos.

I probably should have just bought a Beam instead of the Arc.  I don’t really care about Atmos sound and just want something that works.  The eARC connection is just too glitchy.

75 " frame , arc sub and 2 ones

Updated to 12.1 and no change , still no earc - any steps we could follow to replicate your success?

Alright team. Just updated both the Sonos and TV and works great so far. 

Plugged in with eARC off. Once connected, turned eARC on and switched digital audio format to Pass-Through. It has been 20m with no skips and stable connection. 

Hi is there any update to this problem - has the issue been fixed. Mine is still not working? Thanks Rhys