Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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I had the same problem with my Samsung Q90T. Probably caused by plugging in a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and some kind of HDMI-CEC conflict happened. What fixed the problem for me was to unplug the Shield, disable Anynet+ on Samsung TV and then enable it again. Everything went back to normal. 

I have the same problem with the 75 inch Frame and sonos arc. Have reported this to Samsung too


Not clear to me that this is the TVs problem as it thinks it is emitting earc but there is no sound, could be either side


75" The Frame

Model Code: QN75LS03TAFXZA

Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1115 


Sonos arc,sub+2 ones




I have the QN75Q70AA and Sonos Arc , Samsung said it’s a Sonos issue and Sonos says it’s a Samsung issue. All tvs 2019 and older do not have this problem I also have  Bose 900 with no problems 

So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 

I had the same problem the only other thing I had hooked up to the tv was a blue ray player once I diconecter the blueray everything worked fine no more cutting out. When my audio was cutting in and out the tv kept switching between tv speakers and Sonos arc