Sonos ARC for Media Room.

  • 15 September 2020
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Hello Friend,

I am placing a 150 inch screen on H7'10"XW12' wall. After projecting screen I am left with close to 15 inch of space at bottom, what's ideal position for arc? Can I put on /close to floor. The goal is to NOT lose audio quality.  Sitting will be on Couch, 12 Feet away from screen. 

what would be ideal location for arc?

I got feedback from some group to not use Sonos for room so does this setup work ? I am planning to go with Arc+Sub and 2 One SL.


Thanks for Help


1 reply

Soundbar are great solutions where you don’t have the budget or space for an AVR and separate speakers. And 15 inces from the floor is kind of low.  It may work for atmos, depending on your ceiling height, but probably not great for other sound channels.

Are you able to wire speakers with your setup?  If so, I would go with an AVR and passive speakers  If you can’t wire on the ceiling, you can still get atmos speakers that bounce the audio off the ceiling.