• 24 June 2020
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I hope you can assist. I went to a site to help a customer to get his ARC to work that he recently purchased. He has an ARC that is connected to the wireless network. The network consists of wired access points (Dre tech) that is centrally wired. The client is a Apple user. The Apple iPhone connects to the ARC and it works fine. He then walks to a slightly different area in the same room and the app shows “cannot connect”.


When he is in an area where the app does not connect to the ARC, I have done a network scan. The network scanner does show the ARC on the network at that point so I can’t understand why it is not connecting to the ARC.


I tested the system using my own mobile device (Android). Using my Android, it worked every time regardless where I am in the house. It seems that this only affects Apple devices.


The diagnostic code for the system is: 649646997.

5 replies

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Hi @Quintin, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community.

It would seem like the customer's phone knows another wifi network in the house; while your phone just only knows the Wifi the Arc is connected to.

I would like to have a diagnostic from the customer’s phone to check if this is correct when it disconnects from the Arc.

You can also check the customer’s phone to what Wifi it’s connected to when it gets disconnected.

I also would like to know the model of the router including the access points. So, we can check if we have a known issue with it.




Hi Kyle,

Thank you for replying.

My Phone “knows” the same network that the customer’s phone does. I did check his phone to see what network he is connected to. It was the same network name that I was on. And we did a network scan to see that the ARC was visible at that time. When he can’t connect to the system and I can, we are on the same network. Unless it’s different access points with the same SSID. but even in that case it’s the same network.

I asked him this morning to get the exact model numbers for me and to submit the diagnostic from the phone for both when it’s connected and when it’s not connected to the speaker.

I will send those across as soon as I have it. 

What happened to the support@sonos email?

Thank you

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Note that the iPhone does NOT connect to the Arc itself (except during Setup). The iPhone connects to the customer’s wifi, and the Arc also to the (hopefully same) WiFi and that is how they communicate. As the Arc doesn’t move (I assume?), the iPhone is losing some Wifi connectivity when moving to that area.

@controlav . I know it doesn’t connect to the speaker itself. The error reads something like can’t connect to ARC or whatever the ARC zone was named.

The iphone has full bars on the Wifi when we have the trouble connecting to the system. 

Also when you do a IP network scan the speaker does show that it is available on the network. So this indicates connection to the system.

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Hi @Quintin, sorry for the late response and thank you for the update.

I would like you to take a diagnostic with the customer’s Sonos phone app when disconnected.

So, I can compare the two states and If you’re able to, get the make and model of the network devices and how everything is connected.

 So I can check the devices for any known issue or make adjustments.

Thank you for your cooperation and hope to hear from you.