sonos arc and playbase

  • 13 September 2020
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So I have two rooms utilising Sonos . Room one has a playbase and two Sonos ones . Rooms two has a beam and two Sonos ones . I have bought the arc is there a way of integrating the arc into either room to enhance the sound? Or is it a replacement for the playbase or beam ? Would love to use them together .

1 reply

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Hi @Chris wiglaw.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I would like to provide you first with the guide to the Sonos Arc’s specification, functionality, and limitation. The Sonos Arc has the same function ( home theater speaker) just as the Sonos Playbase and the Sonos Beam. All of them need to be connected to a TV for them to function as a home theater speaker. There is no option to integrate The Sonos Arc to the Sonos Playbase or the Sonos Beam but to replace either one of them. The option of grouping them on the Sonos App creates delay which other members of the community do not recommend. Grouping them to listen to music would be absolutely fine. However, when watching the TV and you are grouping any Sonos Speaker to a master home theater speaker connected to a TV acting as an external audio system would create a delay unless they are bonded as surrounds which the Sonos Arc is not capable of since it is a home theater speaker.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.