Sonos amp with HDMI arc, but old TV has only optical output

  • 4 August 2019
  • 2 replies


I'm planning to purchase the new Sonos amp and thinking on how well my old TV will work with it. TV does not have HDMI arc. It has only optical out. I know that there is optical to HDMI adapter available by Sonos. The questions in my mind are following:

  • if using the adapter, will it behave exactly the same compared to HDMI arc? Or is there some benefits if having HDMI arc supported TV?
  • If using the adapter, is there a risk to have some latency issues compared to HDMI arc -solution?
  • I'm having Xbox One connected to TV by HDMI. Can Sonos amp provide audio from that source as well? I believe yes, as optical out (and HDMI arc) will take the audio from the "active" source/channel. But just want to be sure.
Thanks for your help!

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2 replies

1) Yes. There is no difference in the signal carried by either HDMI-ARC or optical. They're both exactly the same (Dolby Digital, most often, but some people send stereo).

2) Assuming that the XBox One is sending a Dolby Digital signal to your TV via the HDMI, then the Sonos Amp will interpret it.

For all practical purposes, the Sonos Amp has no idea what device is sending data to it....and especially so in the case of using an optical connection, which is one way only. All it cares about is the codec being sent. Can it be interpreted or not. Dolby Digital and Stereo, yes. DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, Atmos, no.
Many thanks for the quick response and clarification!