Sonos Amp to TV ARC connection - does it function like Soundbar?

  • 7 November 2019
  • 1 reply

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I am thinking of getting a 2nd Gen Sonos Amp mostly to hook up external speakers to the TV. (The TV has an HDMI ARC). 

I also have a SONOS Playbar hooked up to another TV. When the TV is turned on, the Playbar automatically start output from the TV. (When the TV is off, I have to manually select the Playbar back for music output, which is not great but a minor inconvenience).

Question is this: Does the Sonos Amp behave the same way? That is, when the TV is turned on, does it automatically detect the TV signal and output sound from the TV? Or do I have to “select” it manually evefy time?

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1 reply

You can configure the Sonos Amp and the Playbar to automatically switch to TV input when audio is detected from the line in, or not.  As I think you know already, you can’t have the speaker/amp go back to a different audio source once the TV is turned off.  The configuration is the same for the Beam and Playbase as well.