some control issues

  • 9 September 2019
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Hello all I am a newbie. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but here goes. I have the theater set up, play bar, sub and two ones. I do not want to use the TV auto on function because I do not want it playing through the system all the time. If I play music, it stays on that “channel“ in my family room group. Sometimes I do not want to use the app and I want to play my TV through the system but it will not switch from the music app to the TV without using it. I tried it through Alexa and it just doesn’t. So I guess I’m asking how do I change “sources“ without using the app and auto on function?

3 replies

You can't. Those are the two ways to change the input, either the "autoplay" function, or changing the input on the controller app.

How would you like to change the input? I'm at a loss as to think of any other way it would work, so I'm truly interested.
First of all thanks for the reply. But sometimes i have guest from out of town, i’m At work, and I just want them to be able to use the system without downloading the app. It would be nice if they had a dedicated TV button if you know what I mean. So the only way around it for me is to preset the system before I leave.
You mean a physical button, rather than the button in the UI of the controller? Frankly, that's kind of what the auto-play is for....when the TV gets turned on, it automatically changes the input to the TV. But it only does that at "activation" of the TV, so if you want to play music while the TV's on, it shouldn't switch back unless there's some serious delay in the sound on the TV.

Why can't your guest download the controller app, install it on their phone, and connect to your system? They'd only have access while connected to your wifi, once they left your home, they'd lose access.