Sky Q - Playbar - 2 x Play 1 problems.

Hi all

I have a added 2 play 1s to my playbar setup but only get 5.1 via Netflix or Uhd movies on sky q. All other sky channels only show as dolby 2.0 on the sonos app.

I have playbar connected optically to TV with sky q connected to TV via hdmi. I have connected playbar directly to sky q box but this produces the same results. TV and sky are set to dolby digital in the audio settings. 

Is there a way to get all output via 5.1. I had thought maybe sky only output certain channels in 5.1 but then on many other threads people seem to be able to get 5.1 across the board. 


Many thanks 


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Not all programs are transmitted in Dolby Digital 5.1 The playbar can only output what it gets as an input. It can’t somehow create a full 5.1 sound from just 2 channels. That said, I think Sonos recently started playing with some signal processing and they do send some signal to the surrounds for some (all?) programs. 

Thanks for the reply. I was just going to accept it as most of the time I won't get 5.1 but then seen others seem to suggest they now have it working in the main. 

If it's the case that it'll only work on Netflix and uhd movies via sky its a bit of a waste of 2 play 1s as don't watch those regularly. Lot of money for a setup that doesn't hardly work.