Sky Box, Samsung TV AND BEAM - NO DD 5.1

  • 21 July 2020
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Set-up is a Sky HD+ box (HDMI output set to Dolby Digital), connected to a Samsung (UE46ES6S49) via HDM1.   Sonos Beam is connected from the TV via HDMI 2 (ARC).

TV passes DD 5.1 correctly from TV’s Netflix App, but passes no sound when using the Sky box.  If I change the Sky box’s Audio to “Normal” I get stereo.  

If I connect a Firestick to HDMI and playback the same Netflix film, then I only get stereo.

So my thinking is the HDMI connections in the TV are not passing through DD 5.1 - or is it that the TV is not handling passthrough?   There is only one option on the TV under audio and that is to set SPDIF to Dolby Digital (which I think is only for optical connections?) which is set to “Dolby Digital”

Can anyone confirm my thinking that the TV is at fault and if I want DD 5.1 from Sky or any other HDMI connected devices, I need a new TV ?

If so, how do I know that a new TV will pass DD 5.1 over HDMI correctly ?

The Beam is a great fit for the room this TV is in, and sound great.   I would rather not return it and have to move to an external receiver and speakers (room is too small)

Many thanks



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3 replies

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Hi @Phil89a.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

Using HDMI-ARC, the Beam is looking for a handshake (over the Audio Return Channel) from the source via specific pins on the HDMI cable before getting an audio signal. 

Your device sends the HDMI signal to the TV, and the TV reflects it back out using HDMI-ARC. 

To test if your TV is passing Dolby Digital 5.1 properly, can you plug in the Beam directly to Skybox to test the audio.

What port is available on the audio source device? Does it have an optical audio port?


Kindly please submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app, and reply with the confirmation number.

I'd be glad to review your system further.


Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.


I tried plugging in the Sky Box and a BluRay player both to the Beam via the HDMI and no DD 5.1 sound could be played.   Could this be due to the HDMI on the Sky and BluRay boxes not being ARC ?

I couldn’t try optical from the Sky Box as the Sky Box is too far away from the TV.

I submitted a diagnostic report and its number is 1100681233

Many thanks


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Hi @Phil89a.

Thanks for the response and for submitting the diagnostic.

Upon checking on the report, your system is in good shape and no error found,  it just doesn’t show the audio format from the source device.

Yes, that is because the Beam and Sonos products that accept HDMI are using HDMI-ARC, and not a normal HDMI signal.

That is why it needs to have a device like your TV that will output the audio signal from the normal pins to the ARC pins.

Now we are certain that the TV has an HDMI-ARC connection and has DD option compatible with the Beam, these external devices connected on the TV needs to be set to the same output format.

If you do not see the options or cannot find the setting to change the audio output, I suggest that you need to contact the TV manufacturer, it may need an additional configuration.


You may also check this article about TV requirements for Sonos home theater speakers for more information.


Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, we are always here to help.