Signal Path for Apple TV to Samsung Frame TV 2022 to Sonos Amp to Speakers and Sonos Sub

  • 20 June 2022
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Hello Community. I need some help with what is hopefully a basic situation, but has confounded me for the past few weeks despite multiple searches and deep contemplation. I’m seeking know-how for the best way to connect an Apple TV 4K, a Samsung Frame TV 2022, a Sonos Amp wired to two in-ceiling speakers, and wirelessly connected to a Sonos Sub. Currently the Apple TV is connected to the Samsung One Connect Box via HDMI. Do I now need to connect the One Connect Box to the Sonos Amp? And if so, with what type of cable? I purchased a Sonos Optical Audio to HDMI adapter - is that what I use to connect the Box to the Amp, and then tune some settings in the Apple TV and/or the Frame TV? Thank you in advance for the help with this fun project!


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The One Connect box is just an extension of the TV ports to help hide cables, so you would connect the Apple TV to any HDMI port and connect the Sonos Amp to the HDMI-ARC port (I ‘think’ that’s usually HDMI-Port 3 on the One Connect, but it’s probably labelled accordingly), then enable AnyNet+ within the TV settings and set the audio-out to the HDMI-ARC port.

The audio format can be left at ‘auto’ or Dolby Digital 5.1 and you can control the volume via the Sonos App or use the TV ‘remote’ using HDMI-CEC (AnyNet+)