Should i switch to a sonos 5.1 system

  • 19 April 2018
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I have been a sonos user for years. And i use the sonos only for music. I am planning to upgrade from a samsung 65inch uhdtv to a samsung 82inch uhdtv. I have been happy with my onkyo 3.1 system. I am more about the picture then the sound. So i was tryung to dexide is i shoud invest in the sonos 5.1. Or just keep the onkyo setup.

Currently i have 2 play3 in the livingroom for music.

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5 replies

A judgement call, to be sure. It depends on you, your price sensitivity.

I can assure you that you'd be quite happy with a Sonos 5.1 system. It would give you all that much more, adding surrounds, for a more movie-theater like experience.

The one caveat I would have is that (not knowing how you've set up your Onkyo speakers) is that the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE have the 3 front speakers in one casing. If you've got your right and left speakers separated from your center speaker by many feet, you may potentially feel like there's not enough separation. When I switched, the right and left were only about a foot from the TV, so it didn't have a significant impact to me at all, but if yours are 6 or more feet from the sides of the TV, it may feel slightly different. Now, that being said, I also think it is something that you get used to, and I've found that both of my 5.1 setups do a pretty good job of giving me a wide front stage. So it boils down to your own impression.

No one here, including me, has the "right" answer for you. It all depends on you.

Good luck!
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That is the thing I was worry most about with the sonos system. Currently the spacing is 1.8m, the new tv will be 2.2-2.5m. it makes a clear left and right. Thanks for the feedback.
On my bedroom system, I had similar spacing, but when I replaced it with a PLAYBAR, I didn't find it to be an egregious change. But that's me 🙂
Oh, the good thing if you purchase directly from Sonos is they have a liberal (to me?) return policy if you don't like it, so you could get one, and do some testing to see if it matches your expectations.
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I know sonos is great with the return policy. That is why all my music listing is sonos. 🆒