setup for home theater (soundbar and x4 play 1)

  • 12 December 2016
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I am looking to setup a home theater off my LG tv with a soundbar, and 4 sonos play 1

I can connect the soundbar with a optical cable. However how do the 4 sonos play 1 get the sound?


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3 replies

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Do you mean Playbar rather than soundbar?

Also, If Playbar you can add 2 x Plays as rear surrounds (You can't add 4 x Play 1s)
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can you add 2 play 1 and a play 2
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The Playbar is essentially a 3.0 sound system on its own.

So you can add 2 x Play 1 (or 2 x Play 3 or 2 x Play 5) to make a 5.0 system or add a Sub to make a 3.1 system or add Sub + 2 X Play 1,3 or 5 to get a 5.1 sound system

So you can only add 2 extra speakers (not 1 or 3 or more - Counting Sub as a separate item)

No such thing as a Play 2