setting up surround beam with play1 and one SL

  • 9 December 2019
  • 2 replies

I have had beam and play1 and recently purchased OneSL since it is on sale and in order to set up the 3.1 surround sound. But I realized the one SL is not comparable with play1. Is it possible to set up two different versions with the beam? Otherwise I have to end up returning this One SL. Please help me out. 

Thank you. 

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2 replies

Not using Sonos’ software. The PLAY:1 is incompatible with the Sonos One (all versions). You need to have two of the same, either PLAY:1s or Sonos Ones (all versions), so that they can pair. 

I’ve heard that you can create this pair with an app called sonosequencr, but I’ve no experience with it, so can’t be sure. 

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Hi IInam1984

If your budget will allow I’d opt for another Sonos One SL. In the US they are on sale until 12/29/19 I’d think the same for CA.  Any future upgrades Sonos may have planned will most likely be compatible with Beam and Sonos One SL; but possibility not for the Play as it is two stages behind in memory capacity. Just a thought :thinking: