Samsung Soundbar

  • 9 January 2017
  • 2 replies

I have 2 Play:1's, a Bridge, Connect and. Samsung soundbar. How can I connect my TV AND soundbar to my Sonos speakers via Connect?

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2 replies

You could wire the CONNECT to/from your soundbar, but it wouldn't all work together as some kind of 'surround' setup if that's what you're hoping.

There's a 70ms delay through the Sonos Line-In which would produce an unbearable echo from the PLAY:1s. In any case they would output simple stereo, not rear channel information.
When you say wire, do you mean audio in/out leads?
I'm thinking of buying a songs connect so that I can connect it to my lg home cinema/surround sound. The problem I have is that the lg system only has one audio optical port. Can I connect it using the audio in/out ports on the back of the songs connect or do I need an optical splitter?
Help please?! Thanks.