Samsung Q900 I Atmos streaming

  • 26 June 2020
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There is a far amount here about Samsung 2019 Q900s and Atmos/Dolby+ I have been experimenting and with “Dolby Atmos Compatibly” checked I get Dolby+ from all Samsung apps except the Apple app. Now not getting DD+ frame the Apple app I can deal with it. All or most of the movies I have in the Apple ecosystem are available to me within VUDU and Amazon. I do not have Google play so cannot test it. What I found was interesting. Some of my content shows up as DA/DD+ differently depending on which platform. Example The Marvel movies are all ATMOS in VUDU but are NOT on Amazon. They are D 5.1 - another caveat is not all movies purchased in the Apple ecosystem show up in other services via Movies Anywhere. I also found Disney+ is all 5.1 via the Samsung app. I know it’s DD+ or Atmos by looking at the output via the Samsung Quick Settings - it shows the format being output. There are plenty of threads all around complaint the the 2019 Q900s do not output Atmos or DD+. This is not true with my own testing. For the ATV users including myself - you will not get Atmos or DD+ through ATV connected to the Q900. Apple outputs lossless and you need Earc (my understanding) - my experience is - nope does not work. I get 5.1. 

Also get DD+ streaming Netflix and Amazon shows. 

Lastly: The bass is fine for me on the ARC  Music sound good and Movies are great. I am coming from a Playbar setup so that is my comparison - I also own a Samsung Q90 and sold it as I liked the playbar better  I can say personally Like the ARC better as well  

So, those are the rankings of a Samsung Q900 and SONOS ARC owner. Thanks for listening



surround= 2 Play:1s

Sub : Gen3 back ordered. 

PS - I hear Ryan left SONOS - Anyone know who will champion our community now?

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I found this device: Arcana from HDFury which can solve problem.

The device separates out full audio (up to Dolby Atmos over Dolby TrueHD) from any external HDMI source and sends it to the Sonos Arc while also passthrough full 4k video (up to 18gbps) to TV!  They are accepting pre orders now.