Recommend me a TV for use with beam

  • 19 January 2020
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I've been a long time sonos user for music only, with play 1s, sonos ones, play 3s and a connect. As I'm moving house in a few weeks a decided to go the sonos beam route for the TV in the new place after getting one for 329 in January sale and locating a couple more play 1s second hand for not much money.

My existing TV is 8 years old and needs a size upgrade due to an increased amount of space in the new living room. The big question I have is what TV to buy (55 inch) which won't give me audio sync issues or no 5.1 sound etc.

I'm in the UK and mainly looking at Samsung, LG, panasonic and Philips but if there is a better suggestion that is not in those brands I would not discount it. 

My connection will be via Arc unless there is a reason I should go via optical.

So what should I go for? 

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4 replies

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Noticing audio delay is partly personal, so no guarantees there, but I bought a Samsung QE65Q90 in november., which is also available in 55”. For me it works flawlessly with my Beam. The EDID faker and audio extractor/embedder I needed to achieve 5.1 from my Mede8er and PS4 respectively, turn out not to be necessary for my new TV.

Panasonic seem to have been particularly bad at passing through DD5.1 from some sources. My only recommendation would be do NOT buy a Panasonic to use with Sonos.

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Check to see if DD 5.1 pass thru is available, though it often lacks details of UK-specific models. I would recommend recent Samsung models, based on my last two purchases (in the US and Mexico, last time I bought a TV in the UK it was 28” CRT!)

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My budget can't quite stretch to the first suggestion of 106rallye.  As I'm hemoraging money moving house I've set myself a limit of £800. 

My first option I found is the samsung UE55RU7400 which was released mid way through 2019 however I think its based on 2018 tech. It has good reviews as far as I can tell but no info about sound bar issues/lip sync problems.  Thoughts?