Re-evaluating my idea of purchasing the Sonos Beam

  • 18 November 2019
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I was set to purchase a Sonos Beam but notice that in the spec that it does not support Dolby Digital Plus or DTS. The latter I could actually live without, because I primary stream content from Netflix and Hulu, which stream using Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 through a roku device. My original thought was that since the beam supports plain Dolby Digital and since Dolby Digital is the core of Dolby Digital Plus, the streaming would be backward compatible. This is not apparently the case, as an experiment, I limited the output of Roku’s HDMI to Dolby Digital and Netflix no longer provide any option for 5.1 sound. It will only activate it if I change the HDMI option in Roku to Dolby Digital Plus.

What this mean is that if I get a Sono Beam + surround, I would only get stereo if I stream Netflix and most other streaming service, because the service stream in Dolby Digital Plus and the roku at least do not extract the Dolby Digital from the plus and the Beam doesn’t do it either.



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1 reply

I would pass on the purchase if I were you.  I have nothing but problems with my beam in a relatively simple setup.  The wifi connection is troublesome and I have numerous audio drop out with tv sources and have zero luck with tech support despite submitting diagnostic reports.  Seems I am not alone looking at this forum.

The beam would not be found on the network numerous times despite every other device working flawlessly including RPI wifi endpoints for Roon.  So I had to hardwire it.  

Appletv 4k to New Vizio Tv to beam via hdmi would drop connection briefly and come back frequently.   Switched to optical which seemed to resolve this except now less frequently all audio drops to the beam but video is unaffected.  TV speakers work fine.  Only resolution after systematic troubleshooting is to reset power to beam.


So I opened a ticket and submitted diagnostics.  Techs want me to try a new TV to test and submit another set of diagnostics, yet I dont have another TV so they are prepared to wash their hands of the issue.